KOA-0128 Tori’s Total Ass K.O

Wrestlers: ,    Full Video Length: 17 Minutes

Tori is a very fit, shapely and extremely strong girl. She steps out onto the mats today wearing her near painted on bright jeans ready to destroy yet another victim in her way. She was also wearing a white sports bra which accented her perfect tan, and outlined her physique showing her capabilities of manhandling chadam in this clip. It didn’t take long for Tori to spring into action bringing chadam down to the mats with her take down then easily securing him there. Tori grabs his arms that are tightly pinned beneath her shins, and toys with him for a while switching from tight schoolgirl pins to breath taking facesits. Chadam struggles under her, but her sheer strength was too much for him as she keeps him pinned. she smiles as she looks down verbally humiliating him, seemingly enjoying it all too much. she then buries his face again into her crotch smothering him repeatedly. Tori switches into a reverse facesit now, plowing her chiseled ass down into his face. Chadam was hell bent on escaping, but Tori falls to her side trapping chadam in a headscissor now. This is the last place he wants to be as she squeezes and torques his head tight. Seeing the pain and his face change color says it all. Tori continues her rampage of headscissors, forward and reverse facesits wearing chadam out slowly but surely now. As his energy was drained, feeling sore and pretty much defeated Tori decides to end this clip in reverse. She had chadam in a wickedly painful reverse headscissor combined with a figure four and smothering, she doesn’t miss a single beat and jumps up quickly landed full weight onto his face. Without a single break in between those moves chadam had no time to recover, as he taps she lifts and asks if he quits. Like the idiot he is, flips her off and denies giving up. Well Tori slams back down onto his face, and ignores his last taps, as the inevitable happens and he goes out. she slaps his sides and his face, thinking he was just playing around, nope he was finished. Tori turns a slight bit, and flexes for the camera once again showcasing her amazing muscle and strength. Looks like chadam is ass out.



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