KOA-012 Newbie Knockout

Category:  Female Wrestling
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Full Video: 15 Minutes
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Published: 2016-03-10
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Feebee decided to bring her friend Mercedes to try out the wrestling. Well little did Feebee know that Mercedes was pretty strong. Both girls are around the same height and weight. Feebee wanted to show off in front of the camera, taking her friend down to the mats. She figured she had more experience and was going to beat her friend easily. Feebee’s moment ontop only got her a few tap outs, some with SGP chokes, the other with a few good reverse scissors. Mercedes escaped and turned the tables on Feebee, grinding her crotch down onto Feebee throat, making her struggle and gasp. To make matters worse for Feebee, Mercedes trapped her in a super sexy reverse figure four scissor. Feebee was now at the mercy of her friend. After wearing Feebee out totally, Mercedes planted her ass on Feebee’s face, knowing she can’t hold her breath long, Mercedes ignored her taps, and for Feebee it was lights out. Mercedes stayed perched on Feebee and gloated in her first ever victory, posing over her limp body, cruelly smiling.

cplpicsets KOA-012 Newbie Knockout

1x1-pixel KOA-012 Newbie Knockout

1x1-pixel KOA-012 Newbie Knockout

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