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Kendall vs Mia Neon Shorts It is now Mia’s turn to challenge Kendall. Both girls are dressed in colorful neon sport shorts, and this photoset is a keeper. Kendall is quite strong, Mia certainly finds this out. Kendall easily over powers Mia, both girls same height, Kendall being slightly heavier though. Mia does put up a good fight, she was able to trap Kendall in a tight clenched rear naked choke, body scissors and more. Kendall is a fighter and was not going to go down that easy. She retaliates back tossing Mia around, pinning her down, facesitting her, and using full weight throat sitting. Mia was starting to tire out, and Kendall begins to over take her. Even as Mia wraps her legs around Kendall’s waist, she resorted to grabbing Mia by the throat and choking her. Kendall did not take it easy on Mia and it was evident by the end who the winner was.

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