Kendall vs Mariella Jeans Match This photoset in from an unreleased match. Kendall stands 5’10 and weighs close to 140 lbs, Mariella is not far behind her and stands 5’9. This match was clearly a one sided domination match, Mariella finding herself trapped constantly beneath Kendall. No matter which way she bucked, how hard she pushed, Mariella could not unseat Kendall. Frustration set in with Mariella as she could not escape. Being humiliated like this was not MAriella’s style, it’s usually the other way around. Not this time as Kendall showed no signs of letting Mariella out. Kendall even resorted to facesitting to break down Mariella even more. Noe exhausted from struggling, Mariella had no choice here but to submit to her heavier more powerful rival, Kendall. Clearly Kendall enjoyed humiliating Mariella, striking a sexy muscle flex pose at the end.

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