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Hailey Mixed Barn Match Photoset    Hailey owns a farm with lots of stalls and barns. As she made her rounds to check on things, she discovers that someone has set up a camping tent and was living in one of her barns. Well she is furious as chadam lied saying that it was ok. Well Hailey took matters into her own hands to make sure that chadam wouldn’t ever come back. Hailey wearing her cowboy boots, tight jeans and her trusty wife beater tank top, she manages to throw chadam down into the dirt, hay, and whatever else is on the ground in a stall, if you know what we mean. She smothers chadam with great facesits, cross body pins him, uses reverse facesits, and more. Chadam was in alot of pain getting his ass beat in the hay and dirt, having his arms pinned under her boots. When Hailey was through she told him that she doesn’t ever want to see him back there again. This was all shot in a real horse barn stall.

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