FPP-011 Pinned Into Submission

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Published: 2016-03-10
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Evangeline was on point today, ready to take on tough girl Paige. This match was a pin to submission, each girl pins the other until someone gives up. Alot of energy went into this match by both girls, alot of pride was on the line. Paige was shocked, as Evangeline put up an extraordinary fight against her. Then Paige found herself getting tossed around and slammed multiple times to the mats, while Evangeline secured her down in very tight schoolgirl pins. As Paige struggled to break free, and managed to escape, Evangeline was there waiting to take her right back down. Paige’s frustration level was rising, as she could not score a single takedown. There was a takedown so powerful by Evangeline it literally winded Paige, knocking the fight out of her. Evangeline pins Paige’s arms high above her head, and even moves herself up higher on Paige now sitting on her face, pressing her jean covered crotch right into her face. Evangeline was not going to let Paige score a single pin, nor take down. Paige was totally beaten and distraught not ever scoring a tap. Now she lay there trapped beneath her smaller, tougher captor having to verbally concede to her or be smothered out. What a stellar performance.

cplpicsets FPP-011 Pinned Into Submission

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