CPL-VL-86 Lana’s Smothering Victory

Category:  Female Wrestling
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Full Video: 13 Minutes
Members Clip: 13 Minutes
Published: 2019-12-13
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1x1-pixel CPL-VL-86 Lana's Smothering Victory
1x1-pixel CPL-VL-86 Lana's Smothering Victory
1x1-pixel CPL-VL-86 Lana's Smothering Victory

Lana and Arianne face off again in another epic smothering black vs white battle. They both want to prove who is the smother goddess. As the match begins, Arianne gets the jump off and tosses Lana to the mats. Moving quickly she secures Lana down and goes in for an immediate facesit, hoping to wear her down early in the match. Lana can hold her breath for a bit, and is calm as Arianne dominates her. Lana fights hard to break free from under Arianne as Arianne calls Lana a bitch. Arianne then says “you think you can come here from America and fight me, I’m Canadian and beating your ass bitch”, then sits on her face again. Lana still struggles hard beneath Arianne, then Arianne does another facesit and says “I’m fucking your face right now bitch”. Lana was clearly was  just getting upset and her fight turns even harder now. Arianne got too cocky and Lana managed to break free, getting Arianne down onto her back. Sliding up into a facesit, Lana starts verbally humiliating Arianne now, matching her potty mouth, verbally trashing her. As the clip goes on, Arianne fights for air and freedom but Lana has Arianne locked tight to the mats. With constant smothering, Lana dominates Arianne with forward and reverse facesits. No matter how hard she tried, Arianne was trapped and going no where. Both girls broke a sweat in this match, the facesitting seemed to be somewhat pleasurable for Lana as she rides her white victims face into submission over and over. Lana looks down at Arianne trapped between her thighs and says ” how do you like my pussy in your face” burying her face with it. Each time Arianne could catch a bit of air, you can hear her gasping, and moaning, left quite breathless. Lana then looks down again and says to Arianne ” say your weak fucking bitch”. Arianne not wanting anymore punishment says ” I’m a weak bitch”. Lana makes her say it again, but this time louder. Arianne says it, but Lana goes right back to sitting on her face again. With an evil laugh Lana says ” oh well I’m still going to smother you”.  Lana decides that she is finished with Arianne and mounts her face one last time and flexes while facesitting Arianne. Real sexy dominating facesitting here.


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