This is a battle between blondes and brunettes. Alayna is new on the scene and ready to take charge. She is a lot smaller than Mia, but she is built and ready to dish out some serious punishment. Mia certainly did not expect to spend most of her time beneath this smaller girl. Alayna is an 18yr old bombshell, and put Mia in her place. She absolutely loved forcing Mia’s face into her crotch, listening to her muffled cries, and smothering her. This is truly some of the best facesitting from a newcomer ever. Alayna was not about to leave a loser, and pinned Mia down with ease, as Mia tries to squirm her way out, Alayna held her own. Top notch facesitting from a super sexy blonde. Mia has not been humiliated like this in a very long time from a newbie.

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  1. Hi my name is John I love this site thanks do much!!!

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