CPL-HV-555 Sensational Smothering

Category:  Female Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 16 Minutes
Members Clip: 5 Minutes
Published: 2016-05-23
Price Download Only: $ USD

Anne Sophie is back, ready to humiliate Hailey. Hailey wants a piece of Anne Sophie for her getting beat last time. Both girls are eager to prove something. As they start off, Anne Sophie has a hard time subduing Hailey, but slowly manages to take her down. Hailey struggles alot to get off her back before Anne Sophie jumps on. Too late, Anne Sophie jumps ontop of Hailey, secures her down nice and tight, and begins her barrage of non stop facesitting. Looking down at Haileys stuck face between her thighs, Anne Sophie really makes Hailey work for air, torturing her, not letting her breathe at all. Hailey struggles viciously to get air, but cannot toss her heavier rival. All in all, Hailey takes some extreme facesits, and has to verbally give up once again..


cplpicsets CPL-HV-555 Sensational Smothering


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