CPL-DA-060 You Got Served

Category:  Female Wrestling
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Full Video: 17 Minutes
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Published: 2016-03-26
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Mariella is very used to dominating a lot of her opponents and does a great job at it. In fact, her schoolgirl pin and facesit is far superior than most. Today that was all about to change. Evangeline is our newest little 18 yr old rising star. Mariella was her first opponent. She is much shorter than Mariella, but she is a cross country runner, and track star. Her legs are small, but she is toned, and very strong. Evangeline had no idea what to expect going against Mariella. Knowing her history, Evangeline showed zero fear, nor was intimidated one bit. They square off and Mariella was instantly taken by surprise feeling the power of Evangeline. they hits the mats, Evangeline wasted no time mounting Mariella and securing her down. Now Mariella must struggle and get her smaller foe off her to avoid embarrassment. She managed to finally rock Evangeline off, and get ontop. Mariella tries her best to keep Evangeline down, but her strength is overwhelming. Now going for a facesit to try and wind her opponent, Mariella failed and was soon thrown. Before she knew it, Evangeline already had Mariella down and pinned. Now Evangeline works her way up high, and manages a great facesit smother of her own, just to humiliate Mariella. As the match goes on, Mareilla pins Evangeline down again in reverse, but again, that moment was all too short lived. Soon enough Mariella finds herself at the mercy of this new girl, first time ever on the mats, stuck, smothered and pinned. Evangeline also traps Mariella in a painful crossbody single leg lock, that had Mariella squelching in pain. Quickly shifting into a reverse SGP, Evangeline locked Mariella down once and for all, and all Mariella could do was stare into the ass of this newbie. Smothers and facesitting had Mariella frustrated, defeated, and was totally dominated. We almost thought she was going to cry she was that frustrated. Having no choice, Mariella whimpers her verbal submission into Evangeline’s ass, claiming her first ever victory she sat quite proud enjoying her moment of glory.

cplpicsets CPL-DA-060 You Got Served

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