CPL-CLS-102 Nevina vs Chadam Outdoor

Category:  Cpl Classics, Mixed Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 16 Minutes
Members Clip: 16 Minutes
Published: 2019-09-02
Price Download Only: $12.99: USD


Nevina and chadam arrange a match outdoors and Nevina has some fun in the sun toying with chadam. Nevina is a black goddess standing at 5’9 and outweighs chadam by more than 40 lbs. She was able to easily overpower her smaller rival, and completely dominate him. Using her weight to her advantage she pins chadam down with crossbody pins, forward and reverse facesits and also traps his head in her massive thighs crushing it. Chadam was soon weakening, and was literally winded from his much larger opponent sitting on him. As he squirmed beneath Nevina you can tell throughout the match that she had a lot of fun making him suffer, laughing at his attempts to break free. In the end he mumbled he gives up after having suffered a great deal in her ass.


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