CPL-CLS-100 Back and Fourth Piledrivers

Category:  Cpl Classics, Female Wrestling
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Full Video: 17 Minutes
Members Clip: 17 Minutes
Published: 2019-08-19
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Mariella is facing off against Jessie in this clip. This is Jessie’s first ever attempt at piledrivers and is very eager to win against the more experienced Mariella. Jessie wants to show that she can compete with the best of them, and is ready to KO mariella. As they begin Jessie is off to a great start plowing Mariella down and quickly mounting her getting her into a fast facesit. Each time Mariella taps, Jessie only lifts up for a brief moment in hopes of winding Mariella faster. As Mariella struggle beneath Jessie, it seems that she cannot escape, her struggles are useless as Jessie remains seated on her face. Jessie switches into a crossbody pin that has Mariella locked to the mats, and has her tapping out. Jessie then stands up and grabs a fistful of Mariella’s hair dragging her up to her feet. Now goes Jessie’s first piledriver!! Mariella goes up into the air, as Jessie stands with her now upside down, then BANG Mariella hits the mats absolutely KO’d. Jessie rolls her onto her back, sits on top of her again and slaps her face to make her regain consciousness. Mariella comes to and desperately struggles to break free but Jessie rides her chest and neck staying on top. Jessie then moves up again into more facesitting burying Mareilla’s face deep in her crotch. the facesitting continues and Mariella is fighting with all she has now. Finally Mariella catches a break and tosses Jessie off her. Moving quickly not wanting to lose her opportunity, she fights to even get Jessie pinned down. Once secured, Mariella dishes out some cruel facesitting of her own, paying Jessie back now. Jessie is not going down without a good fight and tries to dismount Mariella. Just before that happened Mariella decided it was time to calm her down and grabs her to her feet. Now it was time for Jessie to be pile driven. Mariella easily hoists her up, and Jessie comes crashing down hard onto the mats her body trembling as it hits. Before she knew what hit her, Mariella was on top of her again as she comes to, and goes right for the smothering again. Jessie still had alot of fight left in her, she’s a tough girl as Mariella is finding out. Jessie escapes Mariella’s grasp, and leaps back on top of her again. Slamming her crotch down over and over onto Mariella’s face is winding her severely now. Mariella needs to come back strong and hard if she wants to win. Jessie traps Mariella in a tight headscissor and after some taps grabs Mareilla once again dragging her to her feet. She knew what was coming. Mariella could not believe that someone who has never done piledrivers before can easily lift and slam her. Mariella was out again, Jessie now getting herself into a reverse schoolgirl pin. Slapping Mareilla till she came to, Jessie now sticks her near naked ass into Mariella’s face burying her mouth and nose deep inside it. Jessie then catches Mareilla off guard and wraps her strong thighs around Mariella’s head clamping on a figure four and straight legged scissor. Mareilla was trapped between Jessie’s thighs and with a sheer burst of strength she reverses the hold now. Getting Jessie into a reverse facesit, you can see the frustration on Jessie’s face as she wants out. Mariella gets to her feet with Jessie following behind her as she had her by the hair, and lifts her up one last time. Holding her upside for a few more seconds, Mariella goes down to the hard, sending Jessie straight into dreamland. She grabs Jessie’s hand and uses her finger to point at Mariella saying that she was the winner, when Jessie comes to, she will be rather upset knowing that she lost.


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