CMX-TR-008 The 3 Round Challenge

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CMX-TR-008 The 3 Round Challenge  We decided to try something a little different with this clip. Arianne and Chris will battle it out on the mats in 3 five minute separate rounds. First round is a pin count to ten challenge. Now Chris is not an overly strong guy, and Arianne has the experience behind her. Now Arianne is shocked at how hard Chris is really going in the first round, in fact she has a hard time keeping Chris pinned to 10. She manages to get a few good extremely tight schoolgirl pins on, but Chris fires back. On a few of their take downs, Arianne loses control and Chris works his way on top. Chris was certainly proud as he slides up and gets the pin count on her. Within the five minute round, he was able to score 3 pin counts. Arianne and Chris both tied that round. The next round is headscissors only. This is where Arianne mostly dominated in this round. She has the versatility and skill to be able to lock on multiple headscissors. Chris manages to get one scissor on, but unfortunately for him, he could not get Arianne to tap in it. Most likely his legs were just not as powerful as Arianne’s. She pummels Chris with forward, seated, reverse, and side headscissors. Arianne finishes the round off with a straight leg scissor that had Chris in a lot of pain. The third and final round was facesitting submissions only. Chris stood no hope in hell in this round. Arianne thwarts any and all of Chris’s moves and has him on his back almost the entire round. His face getting smashed by her crotch and ass as  she smothers the life out of him. Chris taps repeatedly over and over, gasping and panting. Unfortunately for Chris he lost this round by a mile. This clip features lots of action, and Arianne doing what she does best, verbally trash and taunt her opponent all the while beating them.


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  1. FINALLY!! This is like a 3 round match where they schoolgirl pin count each other for 10 count, and Chris gets some points!! I am happy to see this. *spolier* Chris did lose the face sitting part and he did score a head scissor which was good to see. He is progressing into a better wrestler. Good job for chris.

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