CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
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Full Video: 12 Minutes
Members Clip: 6 Minutes
Published: 2017-05-01
Price Download Only: $14.99: USD

1x1-pixel CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado
1x1-pixel CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado
1x1-pixel CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado

CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado  Chadam faces a mean and tough opponent in this clip. Introducing Sara Lips, a fit muscular powerhouse woman. Sara certainly has no remorse for inflicting the utmost pain and humiliation on chadam. Certainly chadam was not prepared to face the consequences. Sara whips him down onto the mats, and easily works him over with loads of smothering. Sara even sites in reverse, extends her legs and plants her full weight directly onto his face, crushing it instantly. Chadam was nearly blacked out just from this alone. This alpha female destroys his manhood, belittling him on the mats. She also wraps her amazingly strong legs around his neck, and squeezes. Chadam was tapping just from the immense pressure, while Sara boldly strikes a pose for the camera, flexing and dominating chadam. There was no escaping the grip or pin of this strong woman. Sara traps him in a reverse headscissor and even makes him suffer with hand over mouth smothering all the while squeezing him tightly in her scissor grip. clearly chadam is exhausted, beaten, and has no fight left in him. Sara doesn’t stop there she pummels him more with forward and reverse facesitting, and Sara is not very well known for alot of facesitting. But catch her here in this ultimate fight for survival clip.

cplpicsets CMX-SL-01- Sara The Sadistic Sado


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