CMX-KG-85 Attack Of The Grappler

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Well Bella hits the mats again dressed in her super sexy orange leopard spandex capris and matching orange top, also wearing her under armor grappling shoes. Chadam was not expecting the level of punishment Bella was ready to dish out him in this clip. Bella might be small, she is super sexy and cute, but don’t let that fool you, she is on a serious level of sadism none come to expect from her. They begin on their feet and it wasn’t long before Bela whips chadam ass to the mats. From this point on Bella changes into a totally different person. she is focused, determined, and ready to annihilate. She is very familiar with chadam’s strong points, that being his arm strength and power. she decides to go after that through most of the match. She first pins him down and facesits him, with her little evil grin on her face as chadam struggles beneath her looking for air.  Making him tap out was all too easy. She releases him and goes right after him again, this time locking on a rear naked choke that had chadam’s face turn beat red fast and tapping out. She then switches to an front headlock, takes him to the mats and clamps on a cricifix headlock. With his one arm trapped between her legs you can see her trying to lock it into an armbar as well. She cranks on the headlock, and it becomes to much for chadam and he taps. She doesn’t give him a chance to get up and mounts him in a reverse pin, then drops into her famous figure four headscissor (that kristie etzold taught her). Chadam instantly tapped as she squeezed. Bella works him over with headscissors and armbars, some that literally almost snap his arm. Kumora’s, shoulder locks, andlocks all on his arms were taking its toll now. Chadam’s defenses were literally all taken away from him at this point. Bella was set on breaking something here. She also uses seated triangle chokes, facesitting, and loads of headscissors. With the match progressing further on, chadam was having a much harder time getting up to restart. She locks his arm in a weird way with her thighs, and once she cranked it, chadam let out some serious shrieks of pain, yelling fuck fuck fuck….as he tapped out rapidly. That left him barely able to get back up again, but Bella was hardly finished with him yet. He is holding his shoulder and she bitch slaps him in the face throwing him back to the mats. Now in a reverse guillotine he taps out, coughing from the intensity of it. You can tell when he gets back up he is quite scared and goes into defensive mode to protect himself. With more brutal shoulder locks and facesits chadam is turning into a pile of wasted matter. Bella has zero remorse for causing such detrimental pain and suffering. she gets him in a seated cross legged throat choke turned facesit and just waits for him to tap. Chadam is now energy-less and Bella has beat every last ounce of fight from him. Sitting on his chest she tells him to move with her on him, as she laughs saying” your so weak right now” and laughs. Bella then reaches down, takes off her shoe, then her sock, balls it up and rams it down his throat. Then she takes her shoe and puts it over his face, so his nose and mouth are inside the shoe and presses it down. Bella says “don’t fight it, just let it happen”, as she waits for him to go out, which is exactly what he does. Once he’s out she pulls the sock from his mouth puts it over his face, laughs and flexes for the camera with a bright glowing smile on her face.


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