CMX-BD-32 Kendall’s Smother Terror

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 16 Minutes
Members Clip: 5 Minutes
Published: 2016-03-14
Price Download Only: $12.99: USD

1x1-pixel CMX-BD-32 Kendall's Smother Terror
fullvideo CMX-BD-32 Kendall's Smother Terror
1x1-pixel CMX-BD-32 Kendall's Smother Terror
Kendall is a brown haired goddess standing at 5’10 weighing in at 140 solidly tanned pounds. Today was a day that she wanted to toy and humiliate her male victim chadam. Her height and weight play a big advantage over chadam, easily tossing him around, throwing him to the mats then working him over. Kendall crushes the wind from him using alot of full weight facesits, and she completely over powers him. She laughs as he tries his hardest to escape, but she just bounces up and down on his chest, literally winding him. She also uses a reverse laying down smother, placing his nose squarely in her pussy trapping his arms, making escape, now impossible. Kendall is cruel and shows no mercy in her reign of smother terror, throwing in some great reverse facesits, his face buried deep in her ass now. At the end, chadam is breathless, tired, and tries to give up, sitting on him full weight now, Kendall wanted total confirmation he was done, and verbally admitted his defeat, after she finally let him breathe. True femdom facesitting here.
1x1-pixel CMX-BD-32 Kendall's Smother Terror

cplpicsets CMX-BD-32 Kendall's Smother Terror

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