Cindy vs Feebee Piledriver – Gallery

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Cindy vs Feebee Piledriver – Cindy takes on the hot little blond Feebee in this match up. the match starts off being a regular normal match. Cindy on the other hand has plans to totally finish Feebee off, in hopes she is going to win against her. Between both girls locking on headscissors, and back and fourth facesits, Cindy finally starts to dominate. Her smaller rival was harder to beat than she thought. Breaking her down, Feebee was finally under her control. As the clip comes to a close, Cindy picks Feebee up to her feet by her hair, and rams her head between her legs. Feebee now bent over, Cindy grabs her around the waist and hoists her into the air. Feebee is now trapped in a piledriver, and before she knew it, Cindy slams her to the mats, and out she goes. This picture set is from an unreleased clip.

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