Chadam vs Alexis –  Chadam’s long lost cousin came for a visit, and she arrived just as they were about to shoot some videos. Alexis sat out and watched a few clips, then took her chances first against Shanya, then wanted a piece of chadam. Alexis steps onto the mats dressed in a tiny silver shiny thong, and sports bra. Chadam was certainly hesitant to wrestle with her, but went for it. Alexis was certainly alot stronger than she looked as she easily throws him to the mats. After that, chadam literally could not escape, and this became a one sided domination clip. Alexis held her own, pinning chadam down and making him stay there. No matter how hard he tried to toss her off, it failed. To make matters worse for him, she gets him into some long breath depriving facesits. A smile cracks on her face from ear to ear as chadam fights to get air. Alexis certainly took pleasure in his misery. This is a great photoset to add to your collection.


  1. Wrestlinglover

    Alexis and shanya is same 🤔

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