Bella was in her home gym, working out. Chris who is her workout coach came in and decided to take over and try to show Bella how things were done. He was being very cocky, arrogant and putting her down. Bella had enough of listening to his nonsense, and threw him down on the workout bench. She began to scissor him while humiliating and verbally bashing him. She calls him skinny, a wimp etc all the while dominating him, his head trapped in her rock hard thighs. She decides to shut him up for a bit with some full weight facesitting, all the while he was trapped on the bench. The action then moves to the floor, as Bella pulls him off the bench onto the cement floor. From there Chris found out just how strong Bella was as she sits on his face mercilessly, showing no signs of letting up on him. With more head pounding and crushing scissors, full weight facesits, and verbal trashing, Bella was ready for Chris to give up. Clearly Chris was no match for the tougher more experienced Bella, having spent all his time being scissored out, or smothered, he finally gives up to her. Bella sits proudly in full weight on his throat, gloating her win.

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