Bambi vs Chad Jean Shorts Face sitting Part 2- GALLERY

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Bambi vs Chad Jean Shorts Facesitting Part 2

One thought on “Bambi vs Chad Jean Shorts Face sitting Part 2- GALLERY”

  1. Bambi can wear those jeans shorts and pretty much beat me just like that and I would love to be babysitting lover as long as she will wear these made me want to move Chad out of the way and put myself in his place and I would be love to be her personal seat forever and I would give Bambi all my money everytime she wants if Bambi can please sit on my face like this in those shorts.i would dissappear and be her special seat and Noone will ever know where I went because I decided my job is suppose to be Bambi special human chair that pays her to sir anytime she wants.please ask Bambi if she would be my only sitter so I can only focus on her needs not even mone.

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