CMX-MW-16 -Arianne’s Love For Smothering  Arianne is one tough girl to compete with on the mats. She has no problem going hard against chadam and punishing him with some pretty intense facesitting and smothering tactics. Once chadam goes down, Arianne works him over strategically with combinations of headscissors, forward and reverse facesits. Breaking him down piece by piece, his fight grows weary, and so does his strength to fight back. She pretty much immobilizes him, and removes any chances for him to escape. Chadam is faced with gruelling full weight facesits, that have him gasping and on the brink of going out. Her headscissors do some damage, as she clamps them on and squeezes, all that have him tapping out quickly. she pins his arms high above his head and mounts his face in a tight facesit, locks his arms under her shins and plants her ass squarely on his face in reverse. Arianne finishes him off with his arms above the head trapped tightly in her thighs as she facesits him into utter submission. She now celebrates her victory posing on top of his battered body.




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