Anouk & Trina vs Chadam- Gallery

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Anouk & Trina vs Chadam Here is a gallery of photos taken from an unreleased match with 18yr old Anouk, and Trina taking on chadam. Anouk is very new to the game but picks up quickly and learns from Trina. When it’s Anouk’s turn to jump in, she wastes no time having loads of fun sitting all over Chadam’s face smothering him. She battled Trina before and beat her, now Chadam is feeling just how powerful this girl really is. When she pinned him down, there was no escaping. Both Trina and Anouk take turns going back and fourth with this match, breaking chadam down. Anouk even manages to get chadam in a full blown matchbook facesit pin that had him squirming for air. She laughed all the time while dominating him being able to easily over power him and keep chadam pinned down. When Trina stepped in she used headscissors to really wear him out. all in all, Trina and Anouk destroyed chadam in such a short period of time.

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